» ironclad 0.30

Tuesday, 27 March A.D. 2012 @ 10:08 PM

I've released Ironclad version 0.30; you can get it from the usual place. This version features several performance improvements for x86oid SBCL, as well as an optimized implementation of MD5 for Lispworks. The usual assortment of bugs have been fixed, including some packaging and reader bugs, and there have been a few convenience functions added for various things.

This version of Ironclad is the first to depend on nibbles, a library for accessing “machine word”-sized data in various forms, either from vectors or streams.

Please note that various bits of Ironclad and nibbles depend on “recent” versions of SBCL; I believe the first version of SBCL that supports the necessary features is about a year old at this point. If you haven't upgraded, let this release serve as a perfect impetus to do so.

As always, feel free to report bugs and file feature requests at Ironclad's github page.