» idolizing the body

Sunday, 17 February A.D. 2013 @ 9:03 PM

...contemporary medical Gnosticism seemingly idolizes the body, but primarily as an expression of the mind's (or the will') quest for perfection or permanence. The body is altered almost at whim, reinforcing its role as the malleable—and someday, perhaps, fully replaceable—envelope for something far more real and pure. Some reshape the body to fit a desired image, while others eeks endless fixes to keep thmselves alive. Even the reistance among some Christians to withdraw futile mechanical support from a dying relative can be a form of Gnosticism, valuing the ability to control and manipulate the body over the mysterious gift of an embodied life—a gift that was never actually ours to keep.

—from Reclaiming the Body by Joel Shuman and Brian Volck